Barcelona, 1996. She works multidisciplinary as a creative and art director (conceptual and visual research, moodboards and set design), graphic designer (editorial design, web design and identity), object designer and curator (art and design pieces creator and collector) and visual artist (photography and collage). She combines her personal work with commissions mainly in object design and still photography, but also in architecture and fashion industry. She has worked with clients such as Santa & Cole, Dora daar, Bonmot Organic, Nanimarquina, Asics, Research Rand Lab, Tambourine, Luxiona Lighting, Fundació Miró, Il Giardinetto, Aesop or Openhouse Magazine. Email, Linkedin, Instagram and Maps.

TOTEMS OF LIGHT / Creative and art direction with Clara Quintana / Construction of totems with the different lampshades of the Santa & Cole Tripode lamp to celebrate its 25th anniversary

FOLDER MAGAZINE RACK / Object design / Design of a magazinerack based on the classic manila folder apple, postcard for our friends and physical desktop image

A MAN FROM BARCELONA / Art direction with Clara Quintana / Photo report for Santa & Cole and Nanimarquina, a tribute to the personality and criteria of the photographer, Leopoldo Pomés, resident of the house for more than 40 years

ELLA ROZE / Creative and art direction with Max Fernandez / Album and three singles covers of the album Of two minds

ORÁCULO / Art direction with Clara Quintana Pepi de Boissieu and Nat Sly / Portray the pleasure of spending time around the Oracle carpet and enjoying a whole day in good company

EL DISEÑO INVISIBLE / Creative and art direction and production with Clara Quintana / Explain the most representative products of the designer André Ricard for the Poldo Pomés documentary

LA LUZ QUE UNE / Creative and art direction with Clara Quintana / Representing days of celebrations for Santa & Cole in a house in Cadaqués designed by Correa Milá Arquitectos for the Rumeu family

MAILBOX / Creative and art direction with Max Fernandez / Image for Tambourine, the online kiosk that sends the best selection of magazines to your home mailbox

LIGHTPAINTING / Creative direction and photography / Sketches made with light of four Flos’ lamps

MIRÓ, EL LLEGAT MÉS ÍNTIM / Espacio efímero with Clara Quintana / Creation of an ephemeral space for the opening of the exhibition to invite people to a cozy and intimate space, as a continuation of the exhibition

ITEM 01 AND ITEM 02 / Graphic design / Collection of Newspapers to give away to Clara Quintana Studio’s friends

WEBSITE CLARA QUINTANA STUDIO / Art direction and design / Website for creative studio highlighting the value of light with a day mode and night mode